The Beekeepers

We started beekeeping when we moved to a small farm in Douglas County, Colorado in 2009.  We were looking for local food sources, ways to live well and ways to connect with our children.  My sons and I went to bee club meetings, read books, watched videos, bought the equipment, and sourced bees from a 6th generation beekeeper.   But, nothing really prepared us for the awe and wonder of working with bees.  They are a miraculous society to witness.  With the support of a network of Colorado beekeepers we expanded our apiaries.  With the support of foodie friends, we developed a product worthy of the very special raw honey we have watched the bees work so hard to make.  The beekeeping and candy making bring us great joy!

We are gratefully participating in the bee friendly communities of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association and the High Land Beekeeping Club.

We live in Douglas County;  three kids, some chickens, a couple alpacas and llamas, a horse, a greenhouse garden and many, many honeybees.  My daughter Anna decorates the hives, so the bees can find their way home.  My sons Luke and Logan suit up and LEAN IN with me.  Logan is a problem solver with a positive attitude. Luke has a calming effect on the bees and me. We learn something new every season.

Installing bees at the Hyatt Regency DTC
Installing bees at the Hyatt DTC
2013 Harvest time
Harvest Time at McArthur Ranch
September2014theresaiphone 122
Theresa at The Ugly Goat
Luke Assistant Beekeeper
Luke the first season at McArthur Ranch


Beekeeping & Candy Making in Denver, CO